Terra Nova

1 hour and 19 minutes of electronic, experimental, and ambient music played on 2016-01-02.

Performed for the opening of Dear Earthling's exhibit at the A/NT art gallery.


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00:00 Arms and Sleepers - Better Living through Chemistry
02:12 Edamame - Aviary
04:19 Tipper - Big Question small head
07:19 Lusine - Gravity
09:25 Moderat - Therapy
13:07 Saturday Index - Not Alone
15:16 Kiasmos - Gaunt
19:07 Claro Intellecto - It's Getting Late
22:56 HVOB - The Anxiety To Please (Scuba Remix)
27:02 Maribou State - Natural Fools
31:22 Herbert - I Hadn't Known I Only Heard
38:22 Stephan Bodzin - Zulu (Original Mix)
43:34 Whitesquare - Someone Else (Original Mix)
48:15 Gold Panda - Peaky Caps
52:25 Northcape - Stranded
54:15 Eskmo - Cloudlight (Ambient P Stretch Mix)
56:16 Obfusc - Jade Tree Ghost Town
58:55 Joel Mull - Klangfarben
1:05:42 Insightful - Tree Level
1:07:52 Khen - Pollen Spreader (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)
1:14:17 Kastle & iO - Breathe On

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